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Peninsula Health

The Brief

Ducon Building Solutions recently completed the design and construction works for Peninsula Health, on the Frankston Hospital Mammography Unit.

With the existing building being over 80 years old, complex structural works and significant service upgrades were some of the challenges overcome.

Our Response

The project included two key phases.

  • Stage 1:  Involved the demolition and renovation of a new Simulation Suite, which required relocating the staff to accommodate the Mammography suite.
  • Stage 2: Demolishing and renovating the Mammography suite

Some key elements of the project included;

Essential Services: Upgrade to services including mechanical, fire, hydraulic, medical gas and electrical services.
Structural: Design and install new concrete footings, slabs, columns, beams and timber truss make good
Sound Rating: The Simulation centre required high-level sound attenuation between rooms to assist with training.
Specialist Equipment: Collaboration with key equipment suppliers to ensure correct services were installed, and commission was undertaken in a seamless manner
Smoke/Fire Wall Rectification: The existing wall was found to be in a less-than-desirable condition, and as such had to be rectified and certified.

Ducon enjoyed working in close collaboration with the architect and service consultants. Achieving optimised layouts to meet user group requirements, service installations to ensure appropriate access for maintenance purposes and Australian Health Facilities Guidelines.

As always, our sub-contractor base was of a high standard across the board which played a big part in delivering a high quality project.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire team on this project, and look forward to working with Peninsula Health again in the future.


“I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication in delivering outcomes throughout 2023. When I joined the project team in early 2023, we were kickstarting Mammography on-site and I appreciate that it wasn’t always easy. We have achieved so much through your dedication and hard work, and I look forward to continuing to work with you into the future.”

– Senior Project Manager @ Peninsula Health

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Ducon Building Solutions is a specialist in live and complex operational environments, where a 24/7 operation is required. We understand the importance of limiting the impact of our projects on ongoing operations and prioritise open and transparent communication with our clients to avoid any surprises. Our team is flexible and able to operate in live spaces where shutting down operations is not an option, making the seemingly impossible possible. 

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