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Ducon Building Solutions has a wealth of experience and capability in managing and delivering projects for reputable clients in the public and private sectors, including Defence, Rail, Health, Education, Emergency Services, Prisons, Government, and Industrial/Commercial works.
Ducon Building Solutions has a proven track record in delivering rail infrastructure projects in Victoria.
Having developed strong relationships with rail industry clients and contractors in Victoria, including both private and government entities. We pride ourselves on understanding the complexities of the live rail environment and have the ability to mitigate risks of moving trains, working in high voltage, working at heights and much more.

We provides services to the health sector, with a focus on maintaining clean, safe & toxic-free environments.

One way we achieve this is through the use of microbial floor coverings, which help to prevent the spread and growth of bacteria, fungi, and moulds. We take pride in our commitment to creating healthy and hygienic spaces for our clients and their patients. We work closely with key stakeholders to minimise the interruptions of operations throughout the project.

Ducon Building Solutions understands that when working in an educational setting, you need ‘right’ people in place.

We have worked on a wide range of projects, including early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools, and higher education facilities. We are committed to delivering high-quality work that meets the needs of our clients and the students and staff who will use the facilities.

Ducon Building Solutions has extensive experience and a track record in delivering numerous high-quality projects.
For various emergency services in Victoria, including Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, and Metropolitan/Country Fire Authorities. The company holds Federal Safety Accreditation and is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards in its work. Working within live operational spaces, we ensure that operations as a whole are disrupted as little as possible and like to say you should be able to pretend we are not there at all!

Ducon Building Solutions provides services to the defence sector, with a focus on meeting the unique requirements of working on Department of Defence sites.
Our staff hold DCAC Cards and have relevant experience in building services and compliance within the DOD. We have a proven track record of working in the defence sector and are committed to maintaining client operational continuity throughout our projects.

Ducon Building Solutions provides a range of services to Government with minimal disruption to staff, and the

All of our staff are fully qualified and experienced.

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