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Specialist Coating Services for Sensitive Maintenance, Restoration Projects, and General Painting Works.

If you are looking for an experienced and certified painting company then consider Ducon Coatings for your next project. We were founded specifically in order to provide a tie one level of quality and certainty to government, Defence and institutional restoration and upgrade projects with cultural or heritage significance.

Our certifications allow us to demonstrate compliance with multiple performance standards, including quality systems, satisfied customers, skilled and experienced personnel and more.

From Commercial Painting to Facilities Maintenance Painting, specialising in Health, Government, Department of Defense and Rail, Ducon Coatings has got you covered. What makes Ducon Coatings stand out from the rest is its commitment to safety and waste minimisation. Our Maintenance Department is also able to complete works in live operational environments, providing all the necessary certifications, accreditations and trades you need for a streamlined completion of works.

Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint was commonly used in homes and buildings before it was banned due to its potential health hazards. If your property was built before 1978, it is likely to contain lead paint. Exposure to lead paint can cause serious health problems, particularly in children. If you suspect that your property contains lead paint, it is important to have it removed by a professional company like Ducon Building Solutions. 

There are two main procedures for dealing with lead-based paint: full removal and encapsulation.

  • Full removal involves removing all layers of lead paint from a surface. This is typically the most effective method of lead paint removal, as it completely removes the hazard from the property. However, full removal can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, and it may not always be feasible due to the condition of the surface or the location of the paint.
  • Encapsulation involves coating the lead paint with a sealant that contains the paint and prevents it from flaking or chipping. While encapsulation does not completely remove the lead paint, it does contain it and prevent it from becoming a hazard. Encapsulation is generally less expensive and less disruptive than full removal, but it is not as effective at eliminating the hazard.

We recommend the full removal of any lead based paint, but do understand the costs can be excessive, which is why we will always consider the method of encapsulation if it is an available option.

Ducon Coatings has the expertise and equipment to safely remove lead paint from your property using either full removal or encapsulation, depending on your needs and budget. Our team of experienced tradesmen follow strict safety procedures to ensure that the lead paint is removed safely and efficiently. After the lead paint has been removed or encapsulated, the surfaces will be properly cleaned and prepared for repainting.

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Protective Coatings

Protective coatings protect surfaces from wear and tear, corrosion, and other forms of damage. They are typically thicker and more durable than decorative coatings, and they are often applied to surfaces that are subjected to harsh conditions or heavy wear and tear.

The main aim of applying a protective coating is to protect the substrate from;

The team at Ducon Coatings have a vast knowledge on corrosion and will be able to assist you with a Specification on the best methods to apply protective coats. We are all Members of ACA (Australian Corrosion Association) and are more than willing to assist you.

Heritage Painting

With over 20 years of experience in the restoration of heritage-listed buildings, Ducon Coatings has worked on a wide range of properties including churches, court houses, schools, theatres, and more.

Heritage restorations involve more than just painting walls, ceilings, and woodwork. It also includes replicating and remodelling plaster surfaces, timber graining to replicate timbers that are no longer available, and chasing up original colours and finishes. Most importantly our team of experienced tradesman also include skills as:

Contact Ducon Coatings today to learn more about the company’s heritage painting services and to discuss how they can help preserve the character and beauty of your heritage property.

Intumescent Painting

Fireproof paint is a form of passive fire protection that is applied to surfaces to protect them from the heat and flames of a fire. There are two main types of fireproof paint: fire retardant paint and intumescent paint.

Fire retardant paint is designed to emit flame-damping gases when exposed to heat, which helps to halt the spread of the fire.

Intumescent paint, on the other hand, expands or swells up when exposed to heat, forming a layer of foam-like char that protects and insulates the substrate from fire.

It is important to note that only trained and licensed applicators should apply intumescent paint, and upon completion, they should provide a certificate. Intumescent painting can also be costly if not applied to the correct thickness.

Contact Ducon Coatings for more information on fireproof paint and how it can protect your property from fire.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal is a delicate process if you want to maintain the beauty and integrity of the surface underneath. When graffiti is sprayed onto natural substrates such as stone, brick, or concrete, it can soak deep into the surfaces. These surfaces can be damaged by the incorrect product selection or by harsh scrubbing or high-pressure cleaning, which can do more damage than the graffiti itself.

Ducon Coatings can safely remove the graffiti from a variety of surfaces, including brick, stone, wood, and metal. Our team of experienced tradesmen follows strict procedures to ensure that the graffiti is removed safely and efficiently without damaging the underlying surface.

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On all projects we undertake, Ducon Coatings:

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Ducon Coatings is the go-to choice for professional painting and coating services. Our team of skilled tradesmen is dedicated to delivering top-quality results and exceeding your expectations on every project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your space with expert services.

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