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Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV)

The Brief

Ducon were initially engaged to complete as a modest extension to Fire Rescue Victoria’s (FRV) Boronia station, however this project quickly evolved in scale as construction progressed and additional needs were identified. The station, which serves both full-time career firefighters and part-time volunteer firefighters, required significant upgrades to meet new operational demands.

Our Response

Ducon Building Solutions collaborated closely with the consultant team and architects to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions with minimal disruption to the station’s daily operations. During critical upgrades, temporary facilities, such as laundry services, were established to maintain functionality.

Key Project Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Design and Construction: Delivered a holistic approach, ensuring each phase met the project’s increasing complexity.
  2. Staged Construction: Implemented a phased construction strategy to ensure continuous operation of the station.
  3. Uninterrupted 24/7 Operations: Maintained full operational capacity of the station throughout the redevelopment process.
  4. Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement: Worked closely with stakeholders to achieve the desired design outcomes, maximizing value for investment.
  5. Proactive Issue Resolution: Promptly identified latent conditions, coordinating with clients to resolve issues efficiently, minimizing delays and costs.
  6. High-Speed Doors Installation: Installed high-speed doors to enhance operational efficiency and response times.
  7. Backup Power Solutions: Implemented a generator backup system to ensure uninterrupted operations during power outages.
  8. Comprehensive Services Upgrade: Upgraded electrical, hydraulic, security, and fire systems to modern standards.
  9. Specialized Equipment Installation: Equipped the station in accordance with Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) requirements and design guidelines.
  10. Advanced Building Management System: Installed a system to control and monitor the station’s services for optimized functionality.
  11. Roof Safety Access System: Implemented a robust safety system for secure access to the roof.

This project has further solidified Ducon’s partnership with FRV, opening doors for both large and small-scale projects across multiple stations.

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Testimonial from Dominic Blank, Senior Project Manager & Capital Works, FRV Victoria

“Thank you on behalf of our firefighters for your efforts in delivering this complex three-stage project in an occupied building. The refurbishment was a credit to the project team who were supported by a strong team of local contractors. They solved problems making delivery easy for the design team and Fire Rescue Victoria. Ducon are project masters and accommodated major construction design changes and still delivered ahead of program.”

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FRV Boronia Station




Project delivered on time




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